Kaaimans River

This loop takes you along the Kaaimans River past the old Outeniqua Cho Choo rail bridge at the river’s mount.

Further upriver, the Kaaimans River Gorge is popular for hiking and whitewater kayaking.

The Kaaimaans River was formerly an obstacle for travelers, whose wagons had to wait sometimes for weeks when it ran full of water, before being able to cross it safely. It was also nicknamed “Keeromrivier” (Turnabout River) because, faced with the raging waters, some travelers had to turn and try to find another way to reach their destination. Finally this obstacle was overcome when the Seven Passes Road was built by Thomas Charles John Bain.

The tidal estuary at its mouth is crossed by a rail bridge. The Outeniqua Choo Tjoe, the last passenger steam train in Africa, crossed this bridge until the line was closed due to landslides in 2006.

To get there, head out of George on the N2 towards Wilderness (5 min drive). There is parking on the left next to the river.

Start Coordinates: (DD)-33.9910111, 22.5517623
Start/FinishKaaimans River Parking (off N2)
Distance± 3.35 km
Elevation Gain± 0 m
Perceived ExertionEasy
Trail SystemPaddling
Flat water
Route MarkersNone
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Paddling± 1 h 
Typical Paddling SpeedTime to Paddle 1 km
Novice, out of shape or young paddlers2-3 km/h20-30 min.
Intermediate Paddlers4-5 km/h8-15 min.
Advanced Paddlers6 km/h10-12 min.
K1 kayak average 4 km/h15 min.


  • Parking 

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