General Trail Use Guidelines

General Trail Use Guidelines

  • Respect the environment, landowners and other trail users.
  • Alerts issued for things such as tree harvesting or fires take priority over trail use.
  • Trails are available for use by cyclists, runners and hikers alike, dependent on the area that you use.
  • Safety is your responsibility
  • Each user must be in possession of a valid permit where/when required by the land owner/manager
  • Cyclists must wear helmets at all times for their own protection
  • Respect official landowner signage which has been placed there for a reason
  • Stay on the demarcated routes, where applicable. Where no signage is available you have the option to download the GPX file from this site for self-navigation and ensure that your devise (watch, cycling computer or smart phone) is sufficiently charged.
  • Do not use the routes/trails alone.
  • Kids must be accompanied by adults
  • Do not litter
  • Don’t take dogs into areas where they are not allowed and always keep them on a leash.
  • No fires, smoking or camping allowed
  • No unauthorized motorized vehicles allowed
  • Do not remove, damage or disturb fauna or flora
  • No unauthorized trail building or opening of new routes are allowed without written consent from the landowner
  • Do not change/adjust/interfere with any infrastructure along the trail, eg. course design or trail features, harvesting equipment, fences, signage or contractor’s equipment. This may result in a criminal offense.
  • Please report vandalism:

Your assistance in adhering to these rules will help keep George Trails an enjoyable experience for everybody and keep unnecessary friction to a minimum. Landowners reserves the right to access on their land and we need to respect their rules.  Let’s all work together, be safe and have fun in the #trailrepublic


Please follow these ‘common sense’ guidelines to ensure everyone has a great time in the trails

  • Respect other trail users
  • Respect land owners/managers and the natural environment
  • Move out of the way of faster users
  • Cyclist, make runners/hikers aware that you are approaching
  • Leave only footprints and tracks, don’t litter
  • Look out for trail users moving in the opposite direction
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