You will have to venture far and wide to find a more passionate trail community than that of George. Hikes, rides and runs are arranged all the time and there are a variety of Facebook and WhatsApp groups used for communication.

There are influencers, legends, pros, wannabees, trail dogs, and people from all shapes, sizes, ages and skill levels sharing a mutual passion for our great outdoors.

Local clubs and organizations lead the way and here we need to tip our hats to especially the George Hillbillies Mtb Club and Garden Route Trail Running (GTR) for their efforts in bringing people together, trail building and maintenance.

Events play an important part in putting a destination on the map and a variety of event organizers need credit for their efforts. 

The local trail community and visiting trail tourists ensure sustainable economic activity in these sectors for bike, running and outdoor shops. Accommodation and restaurants also benefit. This leads to job creation and there are definitely people choosing to move to George for the lifestyle and trails it offers.

Clubs and Organizations we support:

Other Noteworthy Organisations

George Tourism
Contact: 044 801 9103
Web: George Tourism

George Park Run
Contact: Nienke 071 468 2966
Web: George Parkrun

Friends of the Toll House
Contact: Gerda 083 772 8252
Web: Vriende van die Tolhuis

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