How to Navigate

How to navigate from the gpx file.

So if you don’t have a Garmin or navigation device you might consider using your phone for the purpose. Be mindful that some of the outlying areas do not have good or any reception at all.

Generally, a data connection is required to view your maps in whichever app you use.

If you are new or not familiar with how the process works, you can use the guidelines below to get started.

Example: All route and trails have a map displaying the route.

You can purchase and download gpx files from out store page.

Add the bundles you want to your cart and follow the checkout steps.

Download and unzip the gpx files on your computer.

Upload the gpx files to your Garmin or navigation device.

Using your phone? Try Google Maps.

Import for view through Google Maps (pre-installed on Android operating system)

 Maps should come pre-installed on your device, make sure it is updated to the latest version.

Open your web browser and sign into your Gmail account ( – the same account you are using on your phone.

From the Menu, select Your Places

Select Maps > Create Map

You can click on the Untitled Name to rename the map.

Click on IMPORT to import your gpx file

Locate the gpx file on your computer.

You can drag & drop the gpx file to your browser or select the location.

The map will be saved and is now ready for viewing on your mobile device through the Maps app.

Open the Maps app on your phone (internet connection required).

Select Menu > Your Places > Maps

Tap on the map to view.

As long as you have an internet / data connection, you can view the map with the now added gpx route.

Alternatively, you can try a gpx viewer / map app from the Play store to do the job. We found that most free apps need an active data connection to display maps.