paws in the beach sand

Dog walking on the beach during the holidays

Dec 2021 – According to the George Municipality, the following beach areas do not allow dogs on the beach although dogs are allowed on the sidewalks of the beach areas but must be on a leash.

Beaches include Herold’s Bay, Gwaiing River Mouth, Victoria Bay and the Leentjiesklip areas.

Wilderness Beach from the estuary onwards falls under the control of SANPARKS and as such, they have an infographic which clearly demarcates where dogs are allowed and where not.

Sanparks demarcated dog friendly beaches

In terms of the Municipal Bylaw, no dog or other animal may be in any public street or public space (any open public space the public has access to which falls under the George Municipal jurisdiction for example parks, sports fields, beachfronts (not on the sand) and sidewalks) unless on a leash and under control.

Updated info from the George Municipality here.

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