Trail Safety


  • Before heading out on the trails/routes, be sure to save the following emergency numbers on your phone:

Eden Disaster Management Centre: 10177 or 044 805 5071

NSRI (Wilderness): 044 604 6271   (for activities along the coast)


  • Visit the George Trails website and Facebook every time before you head out to make sure there has been no fire, harvesting or other alerts issued by Land Owners/Managers.
  • Plan your trip properly and ensure that you know when sunset is and how long you estimate you will be out there.
  • Travel in a group, there is strength in numbers
  • Ensure that someone knows your plans and expected time of return
  • Ensure you check the weather forecast. Weather around George can change quickly
  • Always wear a helmet when cycling
  • Always stay on the marked routes to avoid getting lost. If you are using a non-marked route navigate by downloading the GPX file on your GPS device from this website but note that this can also be hampered by pour signal or a lack of battery power.
  • Ensure you have the correct clothing and gear for changing weather conditions
  • Ensure that you have enough fluid and food for your activity and in case of emergency
  • Ensure you have a charged cell phone with you at all times
  • Ensure that you have the correct equipment before embarking on an activity
  • Be alert to snakes and wild animals
  • Know your fitness level and limitations
  • Respect and protect your natural environment


In case of a medical emergency whilst out on the George trails, you can contact:


that will direct your call to the Eden District Disaster Management Center which will connect you to emergency services, police, fire department,etc.


George Provincial Hospital: 044 874 5122

MediClinic Private Hospital: 044 803 2000

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