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IMBA Trail Difficulty Ratings

The IMBA (International Mountain Biking Association) Trail Difficulty Rating System is a basic method used to categorize the relative technical difficulty of recreation trails. The IMBA Trail Difficulty Rating System can:

  • Help trail users make informed decisions
  • Encourage visitors to use trails that match their skill level
  • Manage risk and minimize injuries
  • Improve the outdoor experience for a wide variety of visitors
  • Aid in the planning of trails and trail systems

The system best applies to mountain bikers, but is also applicable to other visitors such as hikers and runners.

The system focuses on rating the technical challenge of trails, not the physical exertion and also takes into consideration other local trails in order to determine to OVERALL grading for each route.

Trail Difficulty Description

set-3-4-difficult-alternative-2EASY: (indicated by a green circle) Fairly flat surface to gentle climbs and easily avoidable obstacles (rocks, roots & pot-holes). Suitable for all users and family outings.

3-moderate-alternativeMORE DIFFICULT: (indicated by a blue square) More challenging riding with some moderate to steep slopes and/or obstacles, possibly on a narrow trail with poor traction. Requires some experience.

set-3-4-difficult-alternative-1VERY DIFFICULT: (indicated by a black diamond) Variable. May include some steep climbs, loose trail surfaces, some obstacles and a higher risk level. Challenging. Requires experience. Some sections may exceed criteria

5-extremeEXTREMELY DIFFICULT: (indicated by a double black diamond): Variable and unpredictable. Steep climbs, loose trail surfaces, obstacles and high risk level. Extremely challenging. Requires experience. Many sections may exceed criteria


Due to vandalism no George Trails signs are currently displayed in the Saasveld system or any other area.


George Trails Signs Explained

 Our trails are coded a bit differently with our main focus on mountain biking and being able to follow a distinctive coloured arrow at speed.

Pink is the easiest route, followed by Green, Blue, Gold, Grey, etc. Red indicates single track extensions

  • The signs on the trails are pretty logical. The George Trails logo followed by the system name (e.g. Saasveld) on top.
  • The directional arrows point in the direction of travel for the particular route.
  • Names are given to each route in case of colour blind users.
  • Signs are placed at all major path intersections and crossings, indicating the direction of travel or change in direction, for a particular route.
  • Emergency number at the bottom, right.

Commercial trail sponsors are indicated underneath the route directions.

The landowner & emergency information are displayed on each sign post. Each sign post have a unique SVooo number.  The Eden Disaster Management Centre knows has co-ordinates for each pole/number, speeding up deployment should you ever need emergency medical assistance.

DISCLAIMER:  Route information, products and services listed on this website are provided in good faith and effort has been made to provide correct and quality information.  However we can not be held responsible for incorrect information or incorrect information provided by a third party.

Please take when using the routes/trails for cycling, running or hiking. Make sure your trip is planned and that you have sufficient water, food, clothing and gear and stay within your physical capabilities and on the route/trail.

Riding, running and hiking on trails mentioned on this site is done so at your own risk. 



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