Land Owners

Although the project is in its infancy, mountain bike, running and hiking trails already cover a wide area around George.  The trails cross a number of properties belonging to different owners. The Green Sport Foundation holds contracts with George Municipality and MTO Forestry to make the George Trails project, possible. Please respect land owners and their rules & regulations at all times as it is a privilege and not a right to use their land. We can only thank our landowners for this privilege and we must all work together responsibly to protect this privilege by educating our fellow users.

George Municipality logoThe George Municipality is the largest municipality in the Eden District, which is geographically the third largest district in the Western Cape.  The area is most commonly known as the Garden Route, with George as the district hub and main city.

mto_capeMTO Cape produces round wood logs for sale to sawmills and pole processing plants. The plantations run from Tokai in the west to Longmore near Port Elizabeth in the east. MTO Cape currently operates two sawmills, one of which is located in George.



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