Disclaimer of Liability

The landowners makes available trails/routes on its property for recreational use only, i.e. mountain biking, trail running and hiking. Their properties (land on which trails/routes are located) are not accessible for any unlawful or malicious activity.

The use of these properties are entirely at each person’s own risk.

By accessing trails/routes on these properties you agree to the terms & conditions pertaining to Trail Safety, Trail Etiquette, Trail Rules, Permits and Trail Grading as displayed on the George Trails website and information provided by landowners and acknowledge that although efforts are made to clear and maintain trails, some parts might be overgrown and surfaces might be loose, eroded and dangerous and that there are risk involved by venturing into nature, even on marked routes, despite the efforts of the landowners, the Green Sport Foundation and related parties. Safety is your responsibility, take care.


All persons entering onto these properties and using its facilities, do so entirely at their own risk. Landowners, Green Sport Foundation, Partners, Associates and/or its employees and/or agents and/or its successors in title shall not be liable for any damage, loss, theft, injury, accident or death suffered by any person, howsoever caused. Right of Admission is Reserved.


Fire is a major environmental, human and livelihood threat. Anyone caught lighting, using or maintaining a fire or attempting to light, use or maintain a fire will be in contravention of the National Veld and Forest Fire Act (101 of 1998) and can be liable for a fine, possible criminal conviction as well as all costs incurred to extinguish the fire and damage, done.


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